Almost Acoustic Christmas is an annual concert run by the Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM. +44 played this show only once.

+44 2006Edit

Date Lineup
December 09-10, 2006 Night 1 (Saturday):  Foo Fighters  (headliner),  AFI Incubus My Chemical Romance Fall Out Boy Thirty Seconds to Mars Papa Roach +44 Wolfmother, Saosin

Night 2 (Sunday): Foo Fighters (headliner), The KillersBeck, The RaconteursEvanescencePanic! at the DiscoAngels & AirwavesGnarls Barkley, Snow PatrolShe Wants Revenge

Night One (Support) SetlistEdit

  1. Lycanthrope
  2. Baby Come On
  3. When Your Heart Stops Beating
  4. Christmas Vacation (Descendents cover)
  5. 155
  6. No, It Isn't
  7. Cliff Diving

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