Aliens Exist is a song by Blink-182 on their Enema of the State Demo, and Enema of the State album

Song MeaningEdit

Tom: As a hobby all I ever do is read books and study material on UFOs and government conspiracies. So I wrote a song about a guy talking about aliens as though he's had a weird experience but nobody believes him, they think he's full of shit. But he's directing his angst toward the government, because the government knows there's something going on. But I'm one of those freaks that really believes that stuff exists. I think if anybody out there does a little bit of research they will find that they side with me. I think it's just a cool song coming from that point of view. I read books about abductions, and there are hundreds of thousands of people a year have an experience at night and they don't know what it is, they just know what they saw and what they felt, but nobody believes them.

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