All Of This was supposed to be the fifth and final single for Blink-182's Blink-182 album. This song features "The Cure"'s front man Robert Smith singing the verses, with Tom DeLonge singing the chorus. This would have been blink's longest single, even longer than the fourth single "Always". DeLonge had said during an interview with VH1 "It's the first time we've ever had four singles... [This album] is like 'The Little Engine That Could.' We even talked about a fifth single. We've never done this before. It is kind of weird that we're still around." Blink-182 have actually released 5 singles off one album. They did this with Dude Ranch but only 2 of the singles charted. He also explained: "We would love it because it's a bad-ass song, and [the Cure's Robert Smith] sings on it, and that makes us cooler than everybody else."

In this song, the girl named 'Holly', previously mentioned in 'Easy Target' returns. (The tune at the end of 'Easy Target' runs straight into 'All of This'.) In past interviews, Holly was actually Tom's first girlfriend who left him for his older brother. The lines "Use me Holly", refer to her only going out with him in order to get closer to his brother. According to the band, the entire song was recorded in the United States, with Tom singing only the choruses. The song was then sent overseas, so Robert Smith could record the verses. Travis recorded the drum tracks rather unconventionally: the bass and snare were first recorded, then the hi-hats and cymbals were overdubbed.

On July 29th, 2006, director M. Night Shyamalan stated on his ITunes playlist of his favorite songs "I love this song. Almost did a video for this. It would have been about vampires."

Alternatively, some suspected that "Here's Your Letter" would be the album's fifth single, but the band's hiatus prevented any single from being released.

During most live performances, Mark sings Smith's verses (except when Smith and his band, The Cure, are also performing).

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