Acoustic Christmas (short title: Acoustic X-Mas) is an annual concert run by the Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM.

The first show was held in December 1989 though it was simply called the KROQ Xmas Bash. In 1990 the show became bigger and attracted increasingly popular alternative rock bands and singers. It takes place over a weekend in mid-December, and has in recent years been broadcast for free on KROQ-FM's web site.

Every year it has taken place at Gibson Amphitheatre, in Universal City, except for 1998 where it was held at Shrine Auditorium, in Los Angeles and in 1999 where it was held at the Arrowhead Pond, in Anaheim. KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas concerts benefit Para Los Ninos & the Al Wooten Jr Heritage Center and other local charities.

Blink-182 Related ShowsEdit

  • Angels & Airwaves have played two shows (2006, and 2007)
  • blink-182 have played this event alot (1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2011), but only two of the shows have been filmed (2003, 2011)
  • Plus 44 has played this show once (2006)

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