Cargo Music Inc. is an American punk rock record label based in San Diego, California. It distributes records for other labels such as Cherry Red Records, Earth Music, FistPuppet Records, Grilled Cheese, Headhunter Records, Re-Constriction Records, RPM Records and Tackle Box. Notable artists that have been signed to Cargo Music include Blink-182, Rocket from the Crypt, Drive Like Jehu and 7 Seconds.

The company was first established in 1989 as a division of the Canadian record company Cargo Records under the management of Randy Boyd, Phillip Hill, and Eric Goodis. When its original founders sold the Canadian parent company to new owners in 1995, the American division was not part of the sale — instead, it became a separate company which continued to be owned and operated by founder Eric Goodis. At the same time, his former business partner Phillip Hill took over ownership and operation of the former parent company's office in the United Kingdom to form Cargo Records (UK). The American and British companies thus were not affected by the Canadian company's bankruptcy in 1997, and both remained in operation as of 2011.

The company also formerly maintained a distribution office in Chicago; this office was closed in 1998.

Commercial successEdit

Cargo Music has received three platinum records (United States, Canada and Australia), of Blink-182's second album Dude Ranch.


Current artists
Former artists

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