Dead's Not Punk
Useless ID
Released September 1, 1997
Recorded 1997
Length 27:33
Genre Punk rock, hardcore punk
Label Falafel, YoYo
Produced by Useless ID
Album guide
Useless ID/Spyhole

Dead's Not Punk is the first full-length studio album by Israeli punk band Useless ID, released on September 1, 1997, on their own label Falafel Records. The album was recorded when bassist Yotam Ben-Horin joined the band and featured guitarist Guy Carmel on lead vocals and guitar.

The band regards this album as "bad, dirty and messed up".

The ninth track on the album - "Beatless or Something", is a cover of the Beatles song "Something".

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Intro"   0:23
2. "Feeling Wrong"   2:01
3. "Confused"   1:46
4. "No Excuse"   1:40
5. "One Crazy Day"   2:00
6. "Room of Anger"   2:06
7. "Is It Right?"   2:08
8. "Don't Forget"   1:32
9. "Beatless or Something" (The Beatles cover) 1:33
10. "Stumbling"   2:18
11. "Letters"   1:41
12. "Perfect Life"   1:26
13. "Start All Over"   2:04
14. "To Live and Die for No One's Name"   2:06
15. "On My Own"   1:59
16. "Getting in the Way"   2:50

Personnel Edit

  • Guy Carmel - lead vocals, guitar
  • Yotam Ben-Horin - bass, vocals
  • Ishay Berger - guitar, vocals
  • Ralph Hobri - drums, percussion

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