Fine Girl
Released December 08, 1998
Recorded Motor Studios, San Francisco, CA; Prairie Sun, Cotati, CA
Length 12:35
Genre Punk rock, Pop punk, Skate punk, Ska
Label Honest Don's
Produced by Ryan Greene, Limp
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Pop & Disorderly

Fine Girl is the second ep by the San Francisco Bay Area pop punk band, Limp, released on December 08, 1998. As with the band's other albums, it was produced by Ryan Greene.

Track listingEdit

  1. Fine Girl 1:04
  2. New Reason 2:54
  3. Passed Out 2:24
  4. Dork 2:44
  5. Exit 3:29



  • Phil Ensor – Vocals, Guitar
  • Doug Sangalang – Guitar, Vocals
  • Billy Bouchard – Guitar [Additional]
  • Serge Verkhovsky – Bass
  • Johnny Cruz* – Drums


  • Jamie Reilly – Design
  • Ryan Greene – Engineer
  • Kevin Army – Mixed By
  • Mark DeSalvo – Painting
  • Limp, Ryan Greene – Producer(s)

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