Get'N The Van!
Ultra Saturday
Released July 1, 2011
Recorded Hillsboro, Ohio
Length 34:47
Genre Pop Punk
Label Loflyin ' Records
Produced by Splitman Productions
Album guide
The Ultra EP (2010)
T​-​Minus EP (2016)

Get'N The Van! is the second release, and first album by Ultra Saturday.


No. Title Length
1. "Secret Agent Dad"   04:23
2. "All My Friends Are Herbivores"   04:23
3. "Zombies!! (Coming Out Tonight)"   03:53
4. "Dawn of the Condoms"   02:12
5. "Your Girlfriend Hates Our Band"   03:14
6. "Not My Fault"   02:53
7. "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"   02:53
8. "Little Sister"   03:04
9. "Song of Dreams"   03:59
10. "Superhero!"   03:53
Total length:


  • Jason Sharrett - Guitars, Vocals
  • Donald Gehres - Bass, Vocals, Programming
  • Wes Jett - Drums, Vocals, Additional Programming
  • Paul Davis - Trombone / Live Keyboardist

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