Get in the Pita Bread Pit
Useless ID
Released 1999
Length 21:12
Genre Punk rock
Label Falafel
Produced by Useless ID
Album guide
Useless ID/Spyhole
Useless ID/Tagtraum

Get in the Pita Bread Pit is the second full-length studio album by Israeli punk band Useless ID, released in 1999. It is the band's last self-released album on their own label Falafel Records before signing with Kung Fu Records in 2000.

It is the last full-length album (not including the split with The Ataris) to feature guitarist Guy Carmel on lead vocals, as on the band's next full-length album bassist Yotam Ben-Horin took over the vocals duties, while Guy remained a backing vocalist.

The band regards this album and their first one, entitled Dead's Not Punk as "bad, dirty and messed up", although they state this album is an "improvement over the first one".

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Questions and Answers"   2:13
2. "Perfect Life #2"   1:59
3. "Leaving Town"   1:44
4. "Lonely Heart"   1:56
5. "Lost Once Again"   2:07
6. "Time to Move On"   1:28
7. "Lost in Space"   1:23
8. "Run"   1:24
9. "Have a Nice Life"   2:01
10. "Not Too Late"   6:27

Personnel Edit

  • Guy Carmel - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Yotam Ben-Horin - bass, backing vocals
  • Ishay Berger - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Ralph Hobri - drums, percussion

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