Going Away to College is a song by blink-182 on their Enema of the State album.


Tom: That's a super-romantic song. Mark wrote the song as though you are a boy leaving your girlfriend, after years of school together. After high school, when you're leaving to go to college, and what do you say to this girl that you've been in love with for years, but now have to leave for years? I don't think it gets more romantic than that. It's a sad song and it's really moving. It's one of my favorite songs on the record, and the way the lyrics flow with the music, I just think it's a really sad, emotional song. It's something a lot of people go through. You probably date a girl in high school and grow up with her and learn so much about each other and have so many growing pains and have to leave to go to college. Do you stay with her, do you break up with her, do you have faith in the relationship...? I don't know. That's a cool thing to write a song about.

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