Insubordination Records is an independent record label based in Baltimore, Maryland.


Insubordination Records was founded by Beatnik Termites members Reggie Silvestri and Pat Kim in 1996. As their label specializing in Lookout! Records styled pop punk started to grow, they partnered with Chris Thacker in 1999 to further growth. In early 2004, Mark Enoch's Knock Knock Records, a label with a similar music profile, merged into Insubordination.

Their roster includes The Copyrights, Even In Blackouts, Dirt Bike Annie, The Hard-Ons, The Unlovables, The Apers, Retarded, Radio Days (band) and other pop punk bands. They are one of the best known labels for this type of music. Their releases have been reviewed by numerous publications. The label organizes their own festival called Insubordination Fest each year.

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