Keepin' It Real
Craig's Brother
Released May 10, 1997
Genre Punk rock
Label Apple Jacks Records
Album guide
Demo (1996)
Homecoming (1998)

Keepin' It Real is Craig's Brother's first EP, released on May 10, 1997 through Apple Jacks Records.

Track listingEdit

No. TitleLyricsMusic Length
1. "Divorce"  BondSnyder 3:06
2. "Dear Charlotte"  BondBond 2:27
3. "Lullaby"  BondBond 3:00
4. "Insult to Injury"  BondBond 3:13

Personnel Edit

  • Ted Bond - Vocals
  • Andy Snyder - Guitar
  • Scott Hrapoff - Bass
  • Heath Konkel - Drums

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