Kung Fu Records is an American independent record label founded in 1996 by Joe Escalante and Warren Fitzgerald of the punk rock band The Vandals. Founded in order to release a record by the Riverside, California band Assorted Jelly Beans, the label soon grew to include a roster of notable artists such as The Ataris, Ozma, Tsunami Bomb, and The Vandals themselves. In 2000 Escalante started Kung Fu Films as a subsidiary of the music label in order to release DVDs of live concerts, music videos, band documentaries, and independent films. In 2005 Kung Fu also spawned the spinoff label Broken Sounds Records, focusing on hardcore releases.

In 1998, they rereleased Blink-182's demo album, Buddha. Since the re-release of Buddha in 1998 by Kung-Fu Records, the label has placed several of the tracks on obscure compilation albums released by the label. "Don't" and "Carousel" can both be heard on No Stars, Just Talent (1999), and "The Girl Next Door" on Mixed Martial Arts, Vol. 1 (2007).

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