Limp (album)
Released February 19, 2002
Recorded Motor Studios, San Francisco, CA; Prairie Sun, Cotati, CA
Length 34:49
Genre Punk rock, Pop punk, Skate punk, Ska
Label Honest Don's
Produced by Ryan Greene
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Limp is the third, and final album by the San Francisco Bay Area pop punk band, Limp before they broke-up, released on February 19, 2002. As with the band's other albums, it was produced by Ryan Greene.

Track listingEdit

  1. Oh No 2:53
  2. Unreal 2:55
  3. Atom Bomb 3:15
  4. Tin Foil 3:34
  5. Therapy 2:39
  6. Last Chance 3:57
  7. Get Away 3:37
  8. One To Ten 3:07
  9. Lesson 2:54
  10. Ails 3:20
  11. Where Is Your Mind 2:36

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