"Mutt" is the tenth track on Enema of the State by Blink-182. The song is about how teenagers act and react to each other when they have feelings for one another and they try to "get with" them. The song is featured on the soundtrack to the hit teen movie American Pie and is considered the band's "theme song" probably because the subject matter of the two are identical.(at the time of release)


Tom: 'Mutt' is a song I wrote about my friend Benji Weatherly, a professional surfer who has sex all the time. His name's Benji, but everyone nick named him Mutt, and it's just a song about a guy and a girl who like to have sex and who don't really care about much of anything else. I guess that doesn't really matter, as long as they're having fun. It's not too deep. As long as it seems deep, that's all that matters.


There is a demo on the internet with Scott Raynor on the drums for this song instead of Travis Barker


Blink 182 Mutt (Original Version)03:22

Blink 182 Mutt (Original Version)

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