"Not Now" is a song written by Blink-182 during the recording for their Blink-182 album. An article with Rolling Stone in 2003 states Tom DeLonge was upset that this song didn't make it on the final album, but the song still appears on the UK release, the single "I Miss You", on the compilation album Atticus: ...Dragging the Lake, Vol. 3. Both of the Blink-182 releases are a slightly shorter edit, where the bridge is shortened, making it roughly 15 seconds shorter. It was also the only single released from the Greatest Hits and the last single released from the band after the announcement of their hiatus, until the band reunited in 2009. The song reached number 18 on the U.S. Modern Rock chart and number 30 on the UK Singles Chart. DeLonge was known to sing this song during Angels & Airwaves concerts.

Music video                                                                                       Edit

Not now

The music video features clips of the band's past music videos, concerts, and tours. There are two released versions of this video, but the only significant difference between them is that different clips from all of their videos are used.

There is also a third, possibly unofficial, video; this is seen on Australia's Channel [V]. In this version, the video is black and white and is made up of some of the band's previous music videos as well as some footage of their live performance in the 2000 Big Day Out during the bridge of the song.

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