Really Likable People was an idea formed by Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus. RLP was intended to be a collection of companies whose purpose was to support up and coming artists. The original companies for this purpose were Loserkids, Atticus Clothing, and Macbeth Athletics.


"I created Really Really Likable People with my friend Jon Humphrey about 12 years ago with a goal to do one thing, to have a place for all my talented friends (without college degrees) to succeed with their ideas in a young and fun environment. Over the years, this 'hobby' turned into a bustling, young empire spanning the globe with multiple and exciting new projects specializing in Technology, Media, E-commerce, Charity and Footwear.

Really Likable People prides itself on incubating new ideas and strategically supporting those ideas with our other existing assets to give them a fighting chance, and a shot at succeeding. We are 'Angel Investors', or 'Creative Business Partners' or perhaps we are just cheerleaders. Either way, we steadfastly support a group of young entrepreneur's.

It all started with an investment of 20,000 dollars, and still we are 100 % independently owned by myself and Jon. We are now perfectly positioned to revolutionize the business of Music and Film, transform the antiquated habits of E-Commerce, and stylishly outfit the worlds largest rock and roll bands....all while in the endless pursuit having a good f_#*&$@ time-"

-Tom DeLonge


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