Useless ID
Released December 2004
Recorded March 7–April 3, 2004 at the Blasting Room, Fort Collins, Colorado
Length 34:31
Genre Punk rock, pop punk
Label Kung Fu
Produced by Bill Stevenson, Useless ID
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The Lost Broken Bones

Redemption is the fifth full-length studio album by Israeli punk band Useless ID, released on July 12, 2005. It is the first album that the band recorded at the Blasting Room in Colorado with producer Bill Stevenson, and it was released on the Kung Fu label.

The song "State of Fear" has appeared on the punk rock compilation Rock Against Bush, Vol. 2.

The album was recorded with session drummer Moshe Liberman as at the time the band was without a drummer after the leaving of former drummer Ido Blaustein. Jonathan Harpak who joined the band shortly after the recording of the album, is credited for the drums on the album although he doesn't appear on the album.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "It's Alright"   2:57
2. "Kiss Me. Kill Me"   2:35
3. "Pink Stars and Magazines"   2:12
4. "Deny It"   3:02
5. "Suffer for the Fame"   2:36
6. "Turn Up the Stereo"   3:27
7. "Before I Go"   3:13
8. "Dying Love"   3:24
9. "Drinkage"   2:40
10. "Everything Turned Red"   3:01
11. "State of Fear"   3:10
12. "Redemption"   3:34

Personnel Edit

Additional personnelEdit

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