The Lost Broken Bones
Useless ID
Released July 23, 2008
Recorded January–February 2008 at the Blasting Room, Fort Collins, Colorado
Length 36:05
Genre Punk rock, alternative rock, pop punk
Label Suburban Home (Worldwide)
Bullion (Japan)
EarSay (Israel)
Produced by Bill Stevenson, Jason Livermore
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The Lost Broken Bones is the sixth full-length studio album by Israeli punk band Useless ID. It is the band's first album on the Suburban Home label, and was released in Japan on July 23, 2008 through the Bullion label, and on October 18, 2008 in the rest of the world, in a special release show in Tel Aviv, Israel. Special guests at the Israeli release show included Danny Sanderson, Muki, Avital Tamir of Betzefer and Sha'anan Streett of Hadag Nahash.

Like their previous album, it was also recorded at the Blasting Room in Colorado and produced by punk drummer and producer Bill Stevenson.

The first single from the album was "Blood Pressure" which was released in August 2008 in Japan and on the band's Myspace page and on September 8, 2008 in Israel.

The album was also pressed on vinyl via Suburban Home Records. The CD version released via Suburban Home also included a copy of the band's 2006 DVD, Ratfaces Home Videos Presents Useless ID.

It is also the band's first album with drummer Jonathan Harpak (although he was also credited on the band's previous album, he did not play on it).

July 24, 2015 album was re-released by band current label Fat Wreck Records with seven bonus tracks.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Isolate Me"   3:31
2. "Killing a Ghost"   2:49
3. "Mouse In a Maze"   2:33
4. "Undecided"   3:06
5. "Blood Pressure"   2:46
6. "Shallow End"   3:34
7. "Night Stalker"   3:29
8. "Always the Same"   2:47
9. "Misconception"   2:26
10. "Already Dead"   1:37
11. "Give It Up"   3:31
12. "One Way Down"   3:52


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