The Lost Broken Tunes: Vol. 1
Useless ID
Released February 16, 2011
Recorded 2003–2007
Length 37:36
Genre Punk rock, alternative rock, pop punk
Label Bullion
Album guide
Muki & Useless ID
The Lost Broken Tunes: Vol. 2

The Lost Broken Tunes: Vol. 1 is a Japanese exclusive compilation album by Israeli punk band Useless ID, released on February 16, 2011. The album is the first volume of a two volume compilation that features demo outtakes and rarities that didn't make the band's two last albums Redemption and The Lost Broken Bones, as well as live acoustic radio sessions, compilation contributions and an acoustic demo by the band that dates back to 2003.

The album was released in Japan only through Bullion Records.

Track detailsEdit

  • Tracks 1-6: Demo outtakes from The Lost Broken Bones - 2007
  • Track 7: Swingin' Utters cover recorded for a tribute CD - 2009
  • Tracks 8-10: Acoustic live session for 99fm (Israel) - 2008
  • Track 11: Acoustic demo - 2003
  • Track 12: Outtake from Redemption - 2004
  • Track 13: Acoustic live session for 106fm - 2004

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "What Are the Odds?" (The Lost Broken Bones demo outtake) 2:42
2. "Dissolve" (The Lost Broken Bones demo outtake) 2:00
3. "Fading Out" (The Lost Broken Bones demo outtake) 3:20
4. "X On Revolution" (The Lost Broken Bones demo outtake) 2:36
5. "My Alter Ego" (The Lost Broken Bones demo outtake) 3:00
6. "Snow Time" (The Lost Broken Bones demo outtake) 3:51
7. "Unpopular Again" (Swingin' Utters cover) 2:27
8. "Blood Pressure" (Live acoustic on 99fm) 2:52
9. "Jukebox '86" (Live acoustic on 99fm) 3:04
10. "Shallow End" (Live acoustic on 99fm) 3:10
11. "Yesterday Tears" (Acoustic demo) 4:03
12. "Taking Us Too Long" (Redemption demo outtake) 2:27
13. "Pink Stars and Magazines" (Live acoustic on 106fm) 2:05

Personnel Edit

  • Yotam Ben-Horin - lead vocals (all tracks), bass (tracks 1-7), acoustic guitar (tracks 8-11, 13), electric guitar (track 12)
  • Ishay Berger - lead guitar, backing vocals (all tracks)
  • Guy Carmel - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (all tracks)
  • Jonathan Harpak - drums, percussion (tracks 1-7)

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