The Lost Broken Tunes: Vol. 2
Useless ID
Released March 16, 2011
Recorded 1999–2001
Length 31:40
Genre Punk rock, alternative rock, pop punk
Label Bullion
Album guide
The Lost Broken Tunes: Vol. 1

The Lost Broken Tunes: Vol. 2 is a Japanese exclusive compilation album by Israeli punk band Useless ID, released on March 16, 2011. The album is the second volume of a two volume compilation that features demos, outtakes and unreleased rarities by the band, with this volume focusing on even older unreleased material that dates back to 1999 and includes demo outtakes from the band's earlier albums Bad Story, Happy Ending, No Vacation from the World and Get in the Pita Bread Pit, as well as songs from a split vinyl EP with German hardcore punk band Tagtraum.

The album was released in Japan only through Bullion Records.

Track detailsEdit

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Running Late"   2:13
2. "2 Months"   1:25
3. "Decision"   1:59
4. "Few Words"   1:33
5. "It's Always Me"   1:42
6. "Sunrise at 2.21.00"   1:27
7. "Dreams"   2:39
8. "Not My Scene"   2:10
9. "Opportunities"   2:37
10. "Tour Song"   2:10
11. "Behind the Screen"   2:24
12. "Perfect Life #2"   1:58
13. "Leaving Town"   1:44
14. "Lonely Heart"   1:55
15. "Lost in Space"   1:23
16. "Crazy Goat"   2:23

Personnel Edit

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