Useless ID/Spyhole
Useless ID and Spyhole
Released January 1, 1998
Genre Punk rock
Label YoYo
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Useless ID/Spyhole is a split EP by the punk rock bands Useless ID (from Israel) and Spyhole (from Germany). Both of the bands contributed three songs each.

Track listing Edit

  1. "To Live and Die for No Ones's Name" (Useless ID)
  2. "Here Comes the Scum" (Useless ID)
  3. "Lonely Heart" (Useless ID)
  4. "Albeniz" (Spyhole)
  5. "Losing" (Spyhole)
  6. "Imprisoned" (Spyhole)

Personnel Edit

Useless IDEdit

  • Guy Carmel - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Ishay Berger - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Yotam Ben-Horin - bass, backing vocals
  • Ralph Hobri - drums, percussion


  • Christoph Söller - vocals
  • Christian Bretz - guitar
  • Dominik Wind - guitar
  • Christoph Hassel - bass
  • Leonhard Istel - drums

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